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He once said, My body is like a haunted house, empty but filled with ghosts. As if to call upon the spirits of the dead would bring a solution to the problem of work. In speaking to theology, artist Eric Orr once remarked, "I'm no longer an atheist, however, as I now believe in an all-encompassing void and that we exist in a sea of moving molecules that are essentially empty space." The haunted house is that empty space. Are the ghosts producing words or are the words producing ghosts?

Collected here is the ephemera & detritus of the Institute for Erotic Vertigo. The Institute is a collective formed in secret during 2013, now breaking their silence in 2015. Founding members include Pierre Abidi, M Kitchell & Emmanuelle X, though activity and involvement is not inherently limited to those named. Announcements & missives will occasionally be made @eroticvertigo.

"It is necessary to refuse boredom and live only for fascination"
- Bataille

"The power of the sacred lies in its ambiguity and violence"
- Amy Hollywood

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